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Eadie Corporate Solutions Ltd. is a Scottish company, with expertise in complex genealogy cases, tracing investigations and litigation assistance. The company is owned by former Deputy Police Commander Alan Eadie. From our offices in Musselburgh, our team of experienced former police officers assist legal and insurance firms throughout Scotland with research and investigative duties. Our extensive experience in strategic and operational police work sets us apart in our field.
We undertake thorough, exhaustive research using innovative tools and resources. Due to our extensive background in conducting interviews and gathering evidence, we also place a high priority on personal contact. We find the best information usually comes from interviewing individuals directly. As a result, we often carry out groundwork such as door-to-door enquiries. Through utilising our policing skills, we ensure that every investigation is thorough and professional.

Conducting Complex Genealogy Research

Finding Beneficiaries

Tracing Investigations

Litigation Precognition

Our Team
Our team consists of former senior police officers and support staff, each thoroughly vetted and trained in effective investigative procedures. The goal of Eadie Corporate Solutions Ltd. is to bring this depth of knowledge and experience to legal firms, allowing them the same high-level strategic and operational efficiency of a police investigation. We are professional interviewers, evidence gatherers and investigators with all the knowledge required to build, establish, and report complex cases.

Genealogy Research

We have experience in researching and solving complex executry cases that involve large family trees and multiple beneficiaries. Our research and investigations extend throughout the world, and we endeavour to collate all relevant proofs of identification for each living beneficiary traced.
We produce evidentially sound reports and accompanying family charts. These are of the highest standard and are accepted by courts and insurers alike.
Tracing Investigations
Whether we are searching for a beneficiary, or even someone due monies from a historical balance, the high quality of our inquiries remains the same. While we use all up to date desktop systems and procedures in our investigations, we are also accustomed and trained to carry out old-fashioned policing methods on the ground.
Our average yearly solvency has never dipped below 97%.

Litigation Assistance

Our team is trained to the highest police level in interviewing techniques. This means we know how to get important information from witnesses in a clear, methodical manner. We have experience in dealing with a wide range of insurance-related precognition work, from motor vehicle insurance claims through to fatal accidents.
We are especially adept at interviewing serving police officers. We know the right questions to ask because we know how incidents should be dealt with.
For more information on any of our services, visit our contact page.
Our Company

Eadie Corporate Solutions Ltd. is a Scottish-based company, serving law firms in Scotland and throughout the world. Our team is made up of highly accomplished former police officers and support staff, each with considerable investigative experience. Their training and experience is now firmly established in genealogy, tracing, and litigation, ensuring our clients the best, most extensive service. We engage in thorough and exhaustive research, with all the modern desktop technology and facilities. We also hold comprehensive interviews with the individuals we find and know how to get the best from every consultation. As former police officers, we conduct groundwork when necessary, following leads and carrying out door-to-door enquiries. Our exceptional policing skills are at our clients’ disposal.

Alan Eadie is a former Deputy Police Commander, with 32 years of distinguished service in the Lothian and Borders Police force. He transitioned to the private sector to provide a useful service to the legal community by leveraging his police training and skills. With a wealth of expertise in strategic and operational investigation, Alan was able to quickly transform Eadie Corporate Solutions Ltd. into a widely successful organisation. Our solvency rate has never dropped below 97% over hundreds of cases.
Career Experience
Senior Investigating Officer in major crime enquiries
  • Senior Investigating Officer for internal corruption enquiries
  • Executive level Project Manager for implementation of information assurance
  • Senior Operational Incident Manager
  • Senior Policy and HR Advisor
  • Operational CID Officer, investigating and reporting a wide range of crime activity
  • Investigating Officer Into Complaints Against the Police
  • Fraud Squad Investigating Officer
  • Crime Analyst
As an influential figure in executry and genealogy investigative work, Alan’s writing has been featured in various publications, including multiple articles for the Scottish Law Journal:

The Standard

From our time in the police force, it was ingrained in us that standards must always be maintained. We were acutely aware that the manner in which we presented and conducted ourselves in our work reflected on the public’s perception of our organisation. Please be assured that we will act with the same integrity, honesty and professionalism when we represent your interests. One of our main priorities is to leave a lasting positive impression on your customers about the way in which your firm operates.

The Report

The quality of our reports always impresses our clients. They are professional, legal and evidentially assessed documents that contain all key information in a straightforward format. They also include relevant conclusions and recommendations accompanied by any statements and documentary enclosures which are numbered and indexed for ease of reference. This standard applies across all disciplines. In executry cases, our reports are accompanied by colour coded, easy to comprehend, family trees.

The Extras

We are here to make your job as simple as possible and will accommodate any additional assistance you require. In executry cases, we routinely request and collate all the identification documents for each beneficiary we have traced. These accompany our reports and ensure that you are able to progress matters more efficiently. In all cases, throughout the UK and the world, we are prepared to carry out investigations on the ground to overcome any challenges.

The Cost

We charge very competitive hourly rates for a wide range of professional, thorough and prompt services. Please contact us for a quote.
There are no eye-watering extras for statements taken, or for the comprehensive, professional report you receive. You only pay by the hour for work undertaken, across the board.

To discuss any of our services, visit our Contact Page

The Guarantee

Our people are former senior police officers and support staff. We are fully vetted and trained in the disciplines pertinent to the enquiries undertaken in Scotland, the United Kingdom and worldwide.

For Traced People


As former police officers, we are aware of the dangers of unsolicited telephone and email scams. We always write to people we have traced, instead of calling. We believe it is important that you can be sure you are dealing with a reputable firm, only ever instructed by law or insurance firms.


The first paragraph of any correspondence we send outlines several ways in which you can check our credentials.We urge you to do so before contacting us.


Once you have contacted our office, we will require you to undertake a short interview to establish certain information about you and your family. During this process, we may ask if you can assist us in tracing other members of your extended family. We welcome any help you may be able to provide.

Identification Documents

In most cases, we will request certain documentary proof of identification. This is a standard legal requirement in executry cases and is in line with legislation to combat money laundering.
Through consulting the courts and our clients, we have concluded that the best type of identification each person should provide are the following:

  1. Authenticated copy of birth certificate
  2. Authenticated copy of marriage certificate (only in the case of married women)
  3. Authenticated copy of passport or driving licence or other form of identification containing photo ID
  4. Authenticated copy of a utility bill or other similar document issued within the past 3 months, showing your name and address.

Once we receive these authenticated documents, we will email or write to you to confirm receipt. These materials will be appended to our report to the instructing solicitor in the case.

Code Of Conduct

1. Our Standards and Service Delivery
1.1. Eadie Corporate Solutions Ltd only operates on the instruction of recognised legal professionals, insurance companies and similar bodies. We never work as freelance heir hunters.
1.2. We endeavour to represent those who instruct us to the highest professional standard.
1.3. Eadie Corporate Solutions Ltd will strive to deliver completed workstreams timeously and will keep clients fully apprised and updated.
1.4. Investigations will be carried out objectively, and all evidence will be properly examined and included in any findings.
1.5. All reports will be compiled to the highest standard, without supposition or conjecture.
1.6. The Managing Director, Alan Eadie, is a Data Controller under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998. Information is secured appropriately under the terms of the Act.
1.7. All operatives have been subject to Disclosure checks. Documentary proof is available for inspection.

2. Operational undertakings of our staff
2.1. All staff are former police officers and support staff. They are suitably trained and capable of carrying out the work required of them. They also have experience within the judicial and court systems.
2.2. Staff will always act ethically, professionally and within the law.
2.3. Any activity of unethical, unscrupulous or illegal nature will not be condoned or allowed. Such activity would be dealt with appropriately.
2.4. Eadie Corporate Solutions Ltd guarantees not to employ any person who has
previous convictions, or who is a known associate of criminals.
2.5. No behaviour will be permitted to encourage anyone to do something that they would not otherwise want to do.
2.6. Work will be planned in order to avoid causing any distress, harassment, or enticement to anyone.
2.7. Any complaints should be addressed to the Managing Director, Alan Eadie, who will deal with any issues robustly.


"100% success rate"

“We have used Alan and his team for nearly three years with a 100% success rate. He is highly
professional and has kept us updated regularly. His scope of work includes tracing beneficiaries abroad which has extended to slightly complicated cases where he was able to locate a beneficiary who had been living in a car and a another who was a cloistered nun. Most recently, he located a beneficiary who had changed her name several times. We have been pleased with the level of service Alan provides.”

Dara Richards,
Solicitor| WJM Solicitors, Glasgow

"Quick & Efficient"

“I am very happy to recommend Alan Eadie as an investigator. He has assisted us with a number of
matters where we have sought both people and information. He has worked quickly and

Catherine Elliot,
Solicitor | Elliot & Company, WS, Perth

"professional & thorough service"

“Eadie Corporate Solutions have consistently provided us with a professional and thorough service when tracing missing beneficiaries”

Cheryl Edgar,
Senior Associate, GARDEN STIRLING BURNET Solicitors, East Lothian.

"We will be using Eadies exclusively"

“ ECS were recently recommended to us and have now handled 3 cases for us. In each of these cases the investigation and tracing of missing beneficiaries was accomplished within a very short time scale and at a very reasonable cost. When compared with tracing agents we have used in the past the service was superior and we have no doubt whatsoever that we will be using Eadies exclusively in the future for any tracing work we need to be carried out.”

Douglas Lamond,
Private Client Head of Department, Kippen Campbell LLP, Perth

"Successful on every instruction"

“I have engaged the services of Eadie Corporate Solutions on a number of occasions and I have received extremely efficient service. They provide regular progress reports and have
been successful on every instruction, providing accurate and speedy results. I will continue to use their services in the future.”

Pamela Duncan,
Partner Somerville & Russell, Solicitors, Musselburgh

"Some very happy beneficiaries."

“We have given Eadie Corporate Solutions a number of challenging cases recently where beneficiaries have had to be traced in various parts of the world as well as within the UK. We have been impressed by their thorough research and detailed information, all within a satisfactory timescale, resulting in some very happy beneficiaries.”

Robin Morton,
Partner | Morton Fraser LLP, Edinburgh.

"The service offered is first class"

“I have instructed Alan Eadie at ECS on many occasions. The service offered is first class and Alan always goes the extra mile to ensure that instructions are dealt with quickly, professionally and effectively. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anybody who requires his services.”

Bruce Goodbrand
Partner, Clyde &Co

"Low key, professional, no fuss"

“We have used Eadie Corporate Solutions for numerous enquiries, mostly
but not exclusively relating to missing beneficiaries. The outcomes have
been entirely successful. The house style is low key, professional, no fuss,
and the results are presented clearly, comprehensively and professionally.”

Frank Fletcher
Consultant |Harper Macleod LLP, Glasgow.

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